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A Better Alternative to Money Transfer & Foreign Exchange
Money Transfer
MoneyOne’s unique approach to money transfers guarantee’s a low flat fee and offers exchange at a more competitive rate than High street banks and other exchange houses. The industry standard is to charge fees based on the volume sent, this means the more you send the more you pay. MoneyOne makes it simple – Low fee & Great Exchange rate!
Foreign Exchange
In converting your £, $, Euros, Brazilian Real and Polish Zloty to your currency of choice there are a few considerations you should take into account to make a more informed decision. There are many factors that affect foreign currencies with market fluctuations being the most important, as the slightest movement in the wrong direction will greatly impact your net result when sending to a person, another business, acquiring assets or paying your international invoices. MoneyOne is here to help and guide you through the process whilst ensuring you receive the most value in your exchange.
Property Acquisition and Regular International Payments
MoneyOne will ensure that you achieve the best Inter Bank rates and complete your payment when buying an overseas property so that you can be assured you money arrives without being at the mercy of local dealers.
Money transfer
Be assured with MoneyOne to get the best exchange rate, no hidden cost and unexpected bank charges coupled with secure electronic SWIFT transfers.